Missionary Monday: Elder Jones Serving In Argentina, Cordoba

Here is a recent letter from Elder Jones:

Well hello everyone!! This week has been crazy!!! We’ve been working a lot and trying to get all of our people ready for baptism this week!!! It’s been insane holy crap!! So a little bit before I start number one that I still have my side satchel. I just wear the backpack because we’re in a really peligroso part of town!!! Sadly some kid got shot a few days ago down the street and there’s been some like riots in the streets but nothing to bad!!! So we always wear crappier stuff.  I haven’t been able to wear my watch as much as I want dang it haha so that stinks!!  My spanish has really been improving!!! I gave my first talk in church on Sunday and I used a sweet story and I hope everyone understood it!! There were definitely some laughs that weren’t supposed to be there… estoy emberazado!! no chiste no dije eso haha!!!! So next question all of these jerseys haha. All of them have been gifts thus far I have two from TALLERES and one from river the sucky team between river y boca!! And then I just bought my first one which is a paris socer jersey and it is siiickkk I freaking love it!!! Next the weather here is getting really hot and the ciesta is a beast!!!! Between 1 and 5 no one is awake and there is nothing to do so we need to plan something to do always!!!!! But the weather is actually amazing!!! Next I sadly haven’t gotten any of the postcards yet but I have lots of letters that will be comng soon haha.  I gotta figure out how to send them!!!! Alrighty onto aidens questions!!! numero uno here’s the thing If I ever say ” ya we have our cameras with us, if I speak english, Or if I wear something really nice in the peligrosos areas yes I will get robbed.  si o si but If they rob me guess what they get!!! SALVATION haha we never carry anything important ever haha so no I haven’t been robbed yet but I’m not too worried!! Soy un chasco my espanol es horrible no puedo hablar o charlar con nadie, tal vez estoy recibiendo castigos del senor porque no trabaje muy duro en el ssm!! pero no mi espanol ha mejorado un moonton I can understand almost everyone the wachos are a little hard to understand sometimes but you know haha!!!! MY companion is great my companion didn’t change haha.  I just have summers as the new district leader so that’s pretty sweet we’re always doing a ton of stuff!!! And guess what we got new colchones and they are super comfy haha!!! I love those things!!! Anyways we are supposed to be baptizing 4 this week pray for flor savedrea sandra savedra, and nelson and myra britos, please I love those guys a lot I hope they see how much this gospel will help them!!! The time actually is really fast and I’m already feeling it haha!! What a crazy thing!!! Anyways I love you guys a ton and hope all is well at home glad to see everyone having an amzing time!!! and please take tons of pictures of homecoming and pics of our family I die for pictures!!! Love you guys so much talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Jones!!

Elder Jones is serving from the Spring Gulch Ward. You can read more about his mission by reading his blog HERE.

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