Missionary Monday: Elder Burgoyne Serving In Paris, France


I am good!  Tuesday, we went to a less active family’s house, went to a meeting with our Ward Mission leader, and then went to another less active’s house. Not crazy, but busy.
Wednesday, we were eating after district meeting at a panini crepe restaurant in Paris and a guy came over and said, “Elders, get anything you want I’m paying for it.” Miracles. He turned out to be a member from Michigan on a business trip who had a son in Hong Kong serving a mission. The church is true brothers and sisters. Haha. We then went to a less active’s house. He said he wanted to go back to church and feel the spirit more in his life, and he meant it. He has been going to church for the last 2 weeks, despite the hour long drive to get to the chapel from his house. It’s awesome to see dedication like that.
Thursday, we did some service for a part member family. We were just moving and tossing a bunch of stuff. That night we went to KFC with our Ward Mission Leader and they ran out of chicken legs and breasts. Are you kidding me! All they had left were wings and chicken patties. I don’t know why that bothered me so much. I opted for wings.
Friday we went to Beauvais. We were there to buy bus passes, when we got the prompting to stop by one of our amis’ house. We got there, and they said they had just come home and if we had arrived 10 minutes earlier, they wouldn’t have been there. They only had about 30 minutes to talk before they had to leave again, but they were hospitable. They are Catholics from Sri Lanka. We decided to give them the Book of Mormon and to explain it a little. We gave it to them in Sinhala, their language. They seemed very interested and grateful for our visit. We had just enough time with them before they had to leave. The spirit prompted us to talk to them at that specific time for a reason. That was pretty cool. We then had a mangez-vous  (dinner appointment) and we shared a lesson. Elder Edwards changed the topic of the lesson on me, and not knowing French that great, that was kind of a curve ball. However, I was able to teach the lesson nonetheless and express my thoughts, despite my lack of preparation for that moment. The spirit was present. I don’t need to be fluent in French when the spirit is there. That was a stellar day.
The next day, we tried contacting a less active named Aurelie, but I’m pretty sure she moved. When we got to her apartment, there was someone with the same first name as her there, but it was a 5 year old girl who wasn’t a member. Haha. Funny coincidences. But we did end up scheduling a rendez vous with her mom anyways, even if it wasn’t the “Aurelie” we were looking for. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. We then met with another less active who committed to come to churchnext Sunday.
Sunday, we went to church and had a mangez-vous. We then dropped, unplanned, by an ami that we had had a tough time contacting. We were able to meet with him and share a lesson. That was another little miracle of the week.
Today was the coolest p-day we have had yet! We went to Noyon, where John Calvin was born, and we went to a cathedral where Charlemagne was confirmed into the Catholic Church. We then ate at a Chinese restaurant with some members who paid for us. Afterwards, we saw another cathedral that had been destroyed from WW2, which was kind of cool.
It’s Elder Edwards’s last week, so we got to end good. He leaves next Wednesday. We will be eating at member’s houses a lot this week. Haha.
Have a good week!
Elder Burgoyne

Elder Burgoyne is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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