Worldwide Church Day of Service!

December 1 “Worldwide Day of Service”

December 1 has been designated by the Church as a “Worldwide Day of Service.” 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the Church welfare program, and this day of service will kick off the “In 25 Days. Over 25 Ways” part of the Christmas initiative. On this day, members are invited as individuals or families to render small and simple acts of service “to anyone they want in any way they want” — the tagline for this day of service.

Please note that the emphasis for the Worldwide Day of Service is on individuals or families rendering small and simple acts of service — not on unit-sponsored, large-scale service activities or big projects with community partners. The Church does not want to burden members and leaders with organizing major service projects during a very busy time. Rather, Church members should focus on simple acts of service such as:

  • Giving blood at a local blood bank.
  • Visiting a nursing home in the community.
  • Inviting a neighbor to dinner.
  • Donating nonperishable items to a local food bank.

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