Missionary Monday: Sister Karron Serving In Brazil


Here is a recent letter from Sister Karron:

Dear Family,

This week was great.  Lots of cool things happened.  Edson invited his cousin to have a lesson with us so we taught his cousin Diego about the restoration.  The Spirit was defs there.  Then we had Edson share some of his thoughts on the Book of Mormon and man he went off about it.  He spoke with such conviction and power.   It was so awesome to see Edson, a non member preparing to be baptized, bare such a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and the gospel.  I got a little emotional because of all the huge changes the gospel has made in his life.  I’m so excited for him and all the great things that he’ll do in his life.  He’ll be baptized and married next week!!  I’m so excited for them and all the blessings they will receive for keeping the commandments.  Another cool experience, my comp and I were walking in the street and we were just talking about one of our lessons and a guy walking in front of us stopped and started asking us questions about our church.  When I told him I was from the US he started speaking English to me.  Turns out he works as a professor for a language school.  He got so excited to speak to me ha ha although I kinda of struggled to speak in English.  I was able to tell him what we believed in.  He asked us to come and talk  to the professors in his language school because he was impressed with my Portuguese and our message. When we arrived at his school he asked me to tell him and all the language teachers how I learned and am learning to speak Portuguese.  I was able to testify to all of them that the only reason why I am able to speak this language is because of my Heavenly Father.  I also testified that through reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese everyday I’m able to speak.  I explained more about the Book of Mormon and then invited them to read the book.  We didn’t have enough Book of Mormons for everyone so we just gave one to whoever was interested in learning more. I don’t know though it was a perfect experience to share the Book of Mormon.  During a lesson this week we heard gun shots right outside of the house we were teaching at.  Lots of people were in the streets trying to see what happened.  Turns out a guy got shot.  A little scary.   We had divisions or splits with some other sisters and I got to be with Sister Richards from Texas.  We started talking all about Blue Bell and Spring Creek BBQ!   She was on a drill team too.  Anyway it was really cool and super uplifting 🙂  Today we had a really sweet experience with an elderly lady who’s a menus activo.  So this lady’s name is Garlet and she’s probably in her 70’s.  She has lots of health problems.  She can’t speak very well, she’s blind in one eye, she can’t eat food really well, and she has a mental illness as well.  Her daughter Karla who is also less active and a saint watches and takes care of her.  She basically does everything for her.  Well we found out that Garlet  is close to death and she’s not doing well and so we decided to sing to her.   We knelt down next to her bed where she was laying, held her hands and started singing hymns.  Karla told us that her favorite hymn is “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.”  My comp and I didn’t know the words in Portuguese but I knew them in English so I sang to her in English and as I did Garlet started crying which made me cry, my comp cry and Karla cry.  The Spirit was overwhelming.  I felt so much compassion for this elderly lady and I bore my testimony to her that everything would be OK& that Heavenly Father is watching over her and loves her.  I know God has a plan for each of us. He loves us and wants us to be happy now and for eternity.

Well love y’all,

Sister Karren

Sister Karren is serving from the Saddle Ranch Ward.

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