Missionary Monday: Sister Carly Serving In Milan

Love Verona Culture Class Visit

Here is a recent letter from Sister Carly:

Hello! I hope you guys all had a rockin’ week:)
Here things are good. We had a week full of music, because my
companion likes to sing and play the piano just like I do:) so a lot
of good fun stuff has been happening with that. I am grateful for the
opportunity to share this love of music as a missionary! We sang in
church, for our English Class spiritual thought, and are preparing for
a musical number in zone conference tomorrow. It’s been awesome šŸ™‚
nothing brings the spirit like music.
It’s also really really started to get hot. I’m kind of concerned
about surviving the summer… but I guess the car definitely helps out
a little bit;) kind of spoiled over here.
This week we had one of the most frustrating lessons I’ve ever had on
my mission. We got a new investigator, his name is Steven. And the
first lesson he was a little skeptical, but followed along really
well. And the spirit was SO strong when we talked about the First
Vision of Joseph Smith. And he agreed, that it could have happened.
Then we come back two days later to teach again, mostly to clarify
some stuff about the Trinity versus the Godhead, and his demeanor
completely changed. He was demanding answers, and was asking us to
CONVINCE him that the Book of Mormon was true, only using the Bible.
Uh what. He said he wouldn’t read, until we had convinced him of the
truth. So all in all, yeah that was kind of difficult, but the best
part was that our other investigator, Kenneth, was also there and he
was on our side! Trying to convince Steven to give the Book of Mormon
a chance, and telling him that we can only get a testimony by reading
and praying. YEAH GO KENNETH. so that was the plus in our stressful
lesson haha honestly we will have to see where this goes. My job as a
missionary isn’t to convince people of the truth we have, but show
them the way to know for themselves. That is a special work. And I’m
glad that I don’t have to do the convincing, because no one would ever
ever convert.
But anyways missionary work is doing great:)
Love you all!!!

Sorella Carley

Via Antonio Gramsci 13/2
20090 Opera MI

Sister Park is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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