Annual Stake Softball Day Coming Up!

Brothers and Sisters,

On August 5, we will be holding our annual stake softball tournament at Redstone Park. We have scheduled men, young men and women’s teams (consisting of both young women and relief society members). Non-member friends are invited and encouraged to participate.  The schedule format and rules are similar to prior years.

The 2017 game schedules and rules were circulated to various ward leaders in the stake previously and are listed below but can be referenced on the stake calendar.  Please also reference the stake calendar as that will govern and we don’t anticipate any additional changes.  We have already had one schedule change for the young men (mostly impacting Highlands Ranch Ward YM) as we look to maximize field time for all ward members and in an attempt to avoid any forfeits.


Fields       Roxborough       Flatirons       Red Rocks       Green

8:00am       SV/DP              SG/HR            NR/HP         SC/SR

8:50am       DP/HP              FP/RB            SV/NR          HR/WR

9:40am       DP/HR              RB/SR            SG/SV         WR/SC

10:30am     WR/RB             SR/SG            SC/NR         HP/FP


Fields       Roxborough       Flatirons       Red Rocks       Green

11:20am      FP/RB              DP/HP           SR/WR            Open/Warm Up

12:10pm     NR/SV              SG/RB           SR/HP             HR/DP

1:00pm       SV/HP              FP/WR           SG/SR             NR/RB

1:50pm       DP/WR             SV/SG           NR/FP              RB/HP


Fields       Roxborough       Flatirons       Red Rocks       Green

2:40pm       DP/HP              FP/SR            NR/SC           Open/Warm Up

3:30pm       HP/SG              RB/DP           SV/WR           HR/NR

4:15pm       SG/WR             FP/RB           SR/SV            SC/HR

While the stake has invested a substantial amount of money to secure Redstone Park, we believe the opportunities for fellowship with members and non-members make the investment very worthwhile. We hope to see you there.

Reminder: Home teams are to supply home plate umpires for their games. Please remember to use good sportsmanship and treat others kindly.  Members of the stake will be located near the snack bar for any questions and may also direct players to join additional games where numbers are low.

Thank you,

The Highlands Ranch Stake Activities Committee

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