Stake Temple Night TONIGHT

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As a stake presidency, we encourage you to attend the temple this Thursday and bring a friend that may have not been in a while.

“Come to the temples worthily and regularly.  Not only do you bless those who are deceased, but you may freely partake of the promised personal revelation that may bless your life with power, knowledge, light beauty, and truth from on high, which will guide you and your posterity to eternal life.” – David B. Haight

Due to continued attendance on Ward Temple Nights, the temple has added an additional 5:30pm endowment session.  Also by direction of the church temple department the chapel sessions have been discontinued so there will no longer be chapel sessions for wards with the 6:30pm endowment time.

For easy reference, here are the assigned times for each ward:

5:00pm – Highlands Ranch, Summit View

5:30pm – Northridge, Westridge

6:00pm – Roxborough

6:30pm – Daniels Park, Saddle Ranch

7:00pm – Falcon Park, Spring Gulch

7:30pm – Heritage Park

Thank you for all you do brothers and sisters.  We look forward to seeing you in the Temple on Thursday!

The Highlands Ranch Stake Presidency

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