Missionary Monday: Elder Plumb Serving In Florida Jacksonville

Here is a recent e-mail from Elder Plumb:
(Elder Plumb is the red head in the back next to the Tongan)
“Yooooooo! The MTC is amazing! I’m learning so much here and it’s been so much fun. Sorry I have not been able to reply to some emails because we can only reply on p-days which is today but I can read any emails during the week. But seriously this place is bigger and better than I thought it would be! First of all my companion’s name elder hatch. He is Tongan but was adopted into an American family and he is the chilling guys I’ve ever met and we have so much in common! There are a lot of elders and sisters that we hang with but we mostly hang with the elders in our room. They are elder Richardson who is from Arizona and elder lamb who is also from Arizona and elder boemee who is from Canada and lastly elder maschek who is from Idaho. They are all really cool elders and we have a lot of fun together. The campus is super cool because of the add on! I’m so glad we are in the new building for classes because it is bigger, has more windows and is a ton more lively than the old buildings. So we have learned how to teach investigators and we have practiced many many many times. Elder hatch and I are amazing at it and we just started teaching out first fake investigator and it has gone great. My testimony has grown 10 times since I’ve gotten here and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve seen a few elders from Colorado including elder Robison, elder kopp, elder Hanson, and elder Gibb. Lastly the elders in my room and I started an awesome game! So we are supposed to call each other elders and not guys or dude or any slang terms so we decided to tally any time one of us say that and at the end of the day the elder with the most tallys gets whipped by a big rubber rope! It hurts so bad! So far elder hatch and elder maschek are the only ones to not have gotten whipped. We are hoping to continue this tradition with all the elders who come in after us. I’ll send some pictures and videos of us doing the ceremony of punishment. But overall it has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get out to the field and bring real investigators into this great gospel!”
Elder Plumb
Elder Plumb is serving from the Roxborough Ward.

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