Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner: A GREAT Way To Prepare the Family For Conference

This is an older post, but a good one, and worth repeating. This is a wonderful way to teach kids about the apostles:

Jamie H. from the Westridge Ward shared a brilliant idea for getting kids excited for conference. The original idea came from The Ensign, and Jamie has had great success implementing this simple game into her family:

birthday 009 We have always tried to make conference weekend different.  But I wanted to do something to lead up to conference.  I saw this idea in the Ensign a few years ago and thought it sounded great.  The game is “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner”.  For the two weeks leading up to conference, I place an empty chair at the dinner table.  Each night (they loved it so much we actually ended up doing it at every meal) I put clues on the chair about a certain apostle.  “In the navy,” “Mission to England,” “Born in Idaho,” “Has 6 kids,” etc… things like that.  Then they would guess who it was.  The first time we did this they did not have any idea who anybody was (except for Monson and Uchdorf – they knew them) – but that didn’t keep them from guessing – and it was fun to put Dad on the spot to see if he knew who was who. This conference marks the third time we have done it, and we had our first apostle “visit” last night. I was shocked when my 8 and 6 year old were able to guess M. Russell Ballard on their first try! They are learning! After they guess, we put their picture on the chair and  the children insist they get a plate and utensils also.  They love it and eat this game up.  Then we hang the picture on the wall to stay all week.  During conference, they remember things when it came time for conference, and they talked about them often.  This worked so well that I decided I am going to do it in all areas of our lives – prophets from the scriptures, historical figures the kids are studying in school, ancestors, or even family members living far away.  It is so fun!

birthday 010

If you would like to try this idea at home, you can click on the link below for fun facts about the apostles and prophet:

Guess who is coming to Dinner

Thank you for sharing this great idea with us!

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