Missionary Monday: Sister Burrup Serving In Paris France


Here is a recent blog post from Sister Burrup:

Crepes and More Crepes
On Friday this week I had crepes for two meals in one day- it was heaven on Earth. We had district meeting which was wonderful as always and we talked about light and what it symbolizes. When there is light the darkness can never win. And light can overcome darkness but darkness can never turn off a light, only a light can choose for itself to not shine. There is so much darkness in the world right now (and there always has been) but it will never win. Christ is the light and all things good in this world are because of Him. And in the end the light will prevail and the darkness will end, which gives me such hope to think about. I love the scriptures about it but I’ll just share a couple here for now; in 3 Nephi 18:24 “Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up- that which ye have seen me do”. Doctrine and Covenants 93:36 “The glory of God is intelligence, or in other words, light and truth”.
And after talking about that wonderful imagery we had crepes for lunch! So so good. And then that night we had a lesson with an investigator family and they were so sweet and fed us dinner (he’s a chef so it was extra wonderful)- provincial chicken and then crepes and ice cream for dessert. Twas a good day to say the least.
Exchanges and Double Fasting
This week we had exchanges, so I had a new companion for 2 days which was so fun! The sister training leaders came to Calais (my city, they are serving in Lille) and we saw lots of miracles and blessings this week with them. We were able to find  a few new people who are interested in taking lessons! And on the second day with them we had a fast for a family that the elders in our district are teaching, so we didn’t eat breakfast or lunch that day. And it was a rainy and cold day. We didn’t have any rendez-vous (aka lessons) so we felt like we should go porting (aka door to door talking to people). We prayed and went to a street where we were guided to and started knocking on doors. People here are so so kind and polite, even those who don’t want to talk to us are sweet and say “good luck” and “have a great day”. Also part of that kindness was definitely because we were fasting and also because it was cold and rainy so they felt bad for us too haha. But I was so happy doing it. And thats whats crazy cool. Who would think that being cold and wet and hungry and speaking in a foreign language going door to door to people who don’t want to talk to you would be an enjoyable experience, but it is. I was happy as could be doing it, sure it wasn’t the easiest thing but the joy that knowing the Gospel has brought me in my life is what lets me be here and be happy doing it. I’ve grown a deeper testimony from fasting this week (once during the week and then this Sunday was fast Sunday as well)- it made me rely fully on God instead of trying to find comfort in food. And I know that some of the miracles we’ve seen this week in finding new amis (investigators) and with some of our current amis are from fasting and the greater Spirit that it brings to my life.
Fun fact I saw England this week! So exciting, on a clear day at the beach here by our apartement we can barely make out the cliffs and shore line.
A man we walked by in the street told me “vous etes Barbie” aka “you are Barbie”. Haha I loved it, I was wearing my bright pink sweater and a black and white skirt and black bag and shoes so he certainly wasn’t wrong. It made me smile, its the little things in life:).
I will try to write more next week! Our weeks have been full and brought many highs and lows but God is constant through it all. I know with my whole heart that I am here in Calais for a reason, and I love these people here. God truly knows us better than we know ourselves so when we let our will align to His our lives can turn into something beautiful. There will still be trials but He will help us bear them.
Gros Bisous!
Soeur Burrup
1. Soeur Buchannan and I (the sister I was with on exchanges), shes from Texas too!
2. Last pday at Cap-de-Nez where there is monuments about the world wars and you can see England
3. Cool statue for all those lost at sea
4. Gorgeous coastline
5. Same place
6. Cute northern french beach, so many people were out enjoying the sunshine and the end of vacance
Sister Burrup is serving from the Summit View Ward. You can read more about her mission by visiting her blog HERE.

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