Missionary Monday: Elder Murray Serving In Fresno, California

Elder Murray just left and is in the MTC, but here is a recent blog post:

What is up family?

It hasn’t been too long since my last pday because it was only on Friday but some cool things are still happening here at the CCM. Today I think I’m going to draft my first large letter right now, for like a half an hour, because we are going to the temple here in Mexico City at around 10 am our time, which is 9 for you guys. I see that Dad and Uncle Rico are starting to mix in some Spanish words in their letters which is pretty great. I have been learning a ton here at the CCM. I can understand a lot of stuff in Spanish but it is still so hard to understand Latinos. They speak muy rapido.

Alright, let’s see what has happened this week. On Saturday we got two new fake investigators to teach. We have a guy named Yahir who is stubborn and won’t respond to about anything we say. He is just there because his wife wants him to be, he won’t pray, he won’t get baptised and he won’t really listen to the things we have to say because he thinks they aren’t necessary. This is good practice because we will probably encounter people like this in el campo. On Sunday we had sacrament meeting. You do sacrament meeting with your branch in the CCM, so our branch is 14 people all together. The rest of Sunday consisted of the theme of el plan de salvacion. So we had a priesthood meeting on that, then a couple of devotionals about the same thing. My favorite part of Sunday was a devotional that Holland gave in 2011 to missionaries about their purpose and love for the Savior.

On Monday we got back into the regular swing of things and learned about some language and ways to teach and pretty much just bonded as a district. Everyone in my district gets all kinds of packages and letters every day through some website thing that you can send stuff directly here to the CCM with. This week the language things we have been learning are pretty repetitive. We have leaned Tener Que, Querer, Necessitar, and Deber which all mean you should or you have to or you need to do something so not super duper helpful but it still teaches you about grammar and flow in Espanol. This week during gym time we played a lot of ultimate frisbee which is very fun but it rains a lot here so its sorta muddy and that isn’t always the best thing when you dive for a bad pass and cover half your body in mud! Looks like we are doing laundry today, not like I wouldn’t have done it anyway.

My last day was yesterday which was Tuesday. We do normal stuff all morning like teach our investigators and language study and power of prayer stuff then towards the end we have a devotional because all of the new missionaries come in on Tuesday. We also get pizza. The devotional last night was from an area presidency member and they had a translator. I sang in the choir this week and I have already asked Hermana Pugmeyer if I can audition to be a special musical number so I hope I can get to do that.

As for you guys it sounds like your week has been pretty good other then Jacob’s idiot coach.Who does he think he is? Jacob is a beast. The hike sounds like it was pretty fun. Too bad we couldn’t have taken some more “senior pics,” Sucks that BYU lost, but I figured that they would. One of the guys in our district works for ESPN and so he gets all the sports stats every week. They have a lot of cereal here at the CCM so I could eat Fruit Loops every day if I wanted. Sadly their isn’t any Cinnamon Life. Keep up the good work back home. I love you all.

As for a little spiritual thought, I will share with you this. When I first left on the mission I don’t think I really knew what I was in for. I didn’t know for certain why I was here or why I sacrificed so much. Now that I have been here for a while, I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the church is true. I can tell you that I know the only way to receive true happiness in this life and in eternity is through our Savior Jesus Christ. When He rose on the third day He came to his apostles and asked Peter if he loved Him three times, and three times Peter replied that he did. When you ask me why I am serving it is this, Jesus Christ told Peter that if he loved Him then he was to feed His sheep. That is what I am here to do, because I love my Savior and this gospel. I will do what He asks of me and that is to feed His sheep.

Elder Murray (Dave)
Elder Murray is serving from the Spring Gulch Ward. To find out more about his mission, you can visit his blog by clicking HERE.

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