Missionary Monday: Sister Rothey Serving In Federal Way, WA

Sister Rothey is having a great time on her mission in Federal Way. Here are a few notes from a sweet experience she had teaching a young mom the gospel:

This week was awesome a little stressful with planning a baptism but that is A-Okay!  SHE GOT BAPTIZED!  It was an awesome baptism.  Afterwards she texted us the sweetest message!  She said “Thank you for teaching me gospel and how to come closer to God.  I’m so proud of myself for getting baptized and I so happy to be Mormon!”  It was so cute!  It is great because she has her little family and now she can teach them!

And, another e-mail from Sister Rothey:

Hello Family and Friends,


This was a great week, we had Zone Conference which was spiritually uplifting!  We also had some awesome lessons with our investigators Keesha and Sally.  A great lesson with Soe our recent convert!  They are so great I love them all!  Well I will address the question at hand what does the title mean.  Well last night we were walking into the apartment here is a little background to the story.  Our apartment has an insane spider problem.  I know you may be thinking okay Ana these are probably not that big of a deal.  BUT NO, YOU ARE MISTAKEN.  These spiders are as big as my palm and when you spray them with hairspray they don’t die.  So anyway last night we were on our way into the apartment when, A Monster spider as big as my hand… MY HAND!  It was the mother of all spiders.  As it slowly walked down the wall we watched it go into its cave (under the stairs).  Then we were freaking out, we figured it would jump out and kidnap us into the Spider Underworld (just like harry potter).  All I could think was baby steps, baby steps into to the stairs, baby steps to the apartment. So that is my dramatic story of the week.  So if you can’t tell I have a total Hate relationship with Spiders…..


In other cool news we had a lesson with Keesha yesterday the 15 year old..As you know we started seeing her last week.  So this week we followed up on how her Book of Mormon reading is going and she asked some really great questions about the book and then we asked her where she is in her reading.  We were thinking oh she is probably only a few chapters in and then she said “I’m in the 200’s.”  I just about fell out of my chair onto the dog sitting under it! 200s?!  That is Alma, in a week!  It is amazing, she just said that she really likes it and that whenever she has a moment to she reads it!  This reminded me of the story when Parley P. Pratt was first introduced to the Book of Mormon.  It is amazing to see the power that it has in the lives of those who sincerely read it.  I know that it is true and that it has changed my life for the better! I love the Book of Mormon so much! 

Sister Rothey is serving from the Roxborough Ward.

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