Elder Jackman Serving In the Philippines

Here is a recent letter from Elder Jackman:

A Week of, well….Problems

Well as you can see from the title this week was not really the best week but it wasn’t all bad,  I mean I am a missionary for the Lord so that is pretty good diba!!! But yea this week was a long one and a lot of stuff happened and well not really a lot just one big thing happened that really effected the whole week.

Monday: We had pday as usual so me and elder arienda went to tocloban for pday and we meet up with elder Lopez and his comp and hung out with them. Pday was going really great until we got to the mission office and the San Roque elders called me on the phone……it was Elder Lacsao and he told me that there was a problem and that we needed to go to his apartment…..well I told him that we were still in Tacloban but that we would go to their apartment and he said to hurry…..so we dropped what we were doing in the office and traveled to their apartment.  We told the ZLs (Zone Leaders) too so they started to go to the San Roque apartment too. Once we got there we talked to them and heard what happened. Basically when they were in Tacloban for pday Elder Canas freaked out at Lacsao and was yelling at him in front of a ton of people and pushing him and stuff……yea not good.  So we decided to go into threesomes. Me and Arienda took Lacsao and the ZLs took Canas.

Tuesday: We worked up in Canmogsay with Elder Lacsao. We also found out the transfer announcements that day and there would be no transfer with the San Roque Elders….I was soo shocked by that….but we just kept working to try and get Elder Lacsao to not think about it. Later on that night I called Elder Lopez and he told me he was transfering….very sad. but he also told me all of the changes that happened in the mission. I guess Pres Argana changed up the lay out of the Zones and all kinds of stuff so there was a ton of changes mostly in the southern Leyte area in Ormoc and Baybay. Crazy!!!!
Wednesday: Well this was the crazy day of the week that threw everything off… I guess President told the Zls that we had to do a group inventory for the time being to try and figure out what happened and all that stuff cuz at the time President couldn’t do anything with all the missionaries going home and new missionaries coming in and the transfers – he was just swamped with work. So that is what we did. At about 3:00 we did the group inventory in the San Roque apartment. and that did not go well. It got very heated and very out of had. And at one point Elder Canas said in Tagalog “you want to fight right now so I can just get sent home?!?!?!” and Lacsao said ” cge come on” and then it was like time froze…..all of the sudden Canas jumped up to go attack Elder Lacsao, but I jumped up at the same time as him and grabbed him and spunn him around! And then me and Elder Gunn, one of our Zls, pinned him onto the bed! It was soooooo crazy and it all happened soooo fast. So we calmed Canas down a bit and then me and Arienda took Lacsao with us to Tolosa while the ZLs stayed with Canas…..once we got home we just relaxed and calmed down cuz we were all a bit shaken up especially Lacsao….he was sooo angry at Canas. It was insane…so We then stayed in that threesome for the rest of the week. While the Zls were in a threesome with Canas
Saturday:  We did a little celebration for Elder Arienda’s birthday.  I smashed an egg on his head.  It is a joke here in the Philippines to smash and egg on someone’s head for their birthday.  So we did.  It was so funny.
Sunday: Sunday was a good day for once that was something that I really needed!!! We went to Canmogsay for church and we had 2 investigators at church and also 2 LA (Less Active)  families come to church it was sooooooo great it was a major blessing for me and it was something that I really needed!!!
Well I have had a lot of time to ponder this week about my mission and the many problems that we have faced recently. And man it has been crazy and it has been so extremely hard but I have learned sooo much!! And I have really come to rely on the Lord in just about all things!! It is really true that we can use the Atonement of Christ in all things not just our sins but also our trials and challenges. I really don’t know why my mission has been so hard and why I have had to face all of these whirlwinds but it has been a great ride so far and I have become such a better person because of it all!! I have really learned alot from my own mistakes but also from the mistakes of others! I just hope I can remember all of this stuff and use it in my life!!
In all that we do Just remember Christ. We all promised that we would!! If we just remember him and rely on him and trust in him then we will realize that it will all be worth it in the end!!!
Love you all hope this is a great week for you all!!!
Makabuhat kita og lisod nga mga butang!!!!!  (We can do hard things)

Elder Jackman is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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