Missionary Monday: Elder Stones Serving In Mexico

Here is a recent letter from Elder Stones:

Good week overall here, even though I did not think I´d be here a week ago. 🙂 Been a bit hard to adjust, I always get a bit anxious when I get transfered, but luckily by new comp is cool and the area is awesome. We have a really big ward here, with an awesome ward mission leader. I think he´s got to be the best ML in the mission to be honest, I´ve never seen anybody so into it, it´s amazing. He´s been helping us out a lot.

Been a stressful week for us Zone Leaders here though, my goodness. One thing I´ve learned out here is that things aren´t always going to go as planned. We´ve spent a ton of time away from proseliting either planning or fixing things in the zone that people didn´t do right. It´s been extremely frustrating to be honest, but it teaches you a lot. I´m slowly becoming a pro at Excel, we run this mission like a business out here. But through it all, still alive, hopefully this week will go a bit better.
The area is really good as far as the work goes. There´s a lot of investigators actually, a few that are actually going to be baptized in the coming weeks. We have Karen (11 years old) and Arianeth (19) that are in a part member family that are going to be baptized in a couple weeks. We´re also finding a lot of other families as well through contacts, so that´s been good. Just wish we had a bit more time to proselite so we could give them more attention.
We teach two very interesting lessons every week. The first one, every Monday we teach in an addiction recovery place called Annexo. We´re given 2 hours in the morning to show a couple vidoes, start a discussion, and divide into groups to teach a message to each one of them. We combine with the other Elders near our area and our mission leader, but we still have to only have one missionary each group. Today was my first day, and I actually liked it a lot. There´s some very interesting people there for sure, but most of them are very humble. They live in the center for months at a time, and aren´t allowed to leave so that they don´t have access to drugs or alcohol. But what we´re able to do is strenghten them in there, then receive the addresses for their families and teach them until they get out. We didn´t receive any references today, but I´ve heard in the past we´ve had a lot of success.
The other lesson is actually a family who´s father was in that center.  We teach them every Tuesday. He lived in the US for a while, and got married with an American woman, and had 2 kids. They ended up getting divorced and now live here. The two kids, Parker and Preston both are like full on American kids, they speak English and are learning Spanish. So what we do is we divide into groups, our mission leader and one missionary with the adults, and another missionary with the kids. Well, the luck fell upon me to teach the kids. It was fun, but they are insane, they were going crazy the whole time. Now I see why I had that primary calling before my mission. 🙂 But they´re a really good family, they all want to be baptized, but the only thing is that they didn´t come to church yesterday and we don´t know why. We´ll see tomorrow.
Apart from that, Apizaco has some amazing bread. They have the most amazing bakeries here in Tlaxcala. There´s this one across from the church that is seriously from heaven. A very famous bread here is what´s called the Concha. They sell those there, but they´re filled with a type of frosting or jam. They´re dang expensive, but after a long day they hit the spot!
The new house is awesome, it´s nice and big and doesn´t look anything like the first house I had in Maravillas, so I´m stoked. Those 4 months in that tiny little box are finally paying off. Elder Bowles and I get along well, I have about 2 changes more than him, but honestly that doesn´t even matter, we work together super well. We´ve been helping each other out a lot this week. So far I have been very blessed with companions!
Overall doing pretty well out here, again it´s been interesting getting used to the area and everything, but I learned a ton in Manzanilla, and it´s been good being able to apply all that stuff here. I know I´m here for a reason, just need to keep moving forward and work hard.
Love you guys!
Elder Stones
Misión México Puebla Norte
Colonia La Paz
Puebla, Puebla 72160
Elder Stones is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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