Missionary Monday: Sister Dunnaway Serving In Chile

Editor’s Note: I apologize- something went wrong with the formatting and the post didn’t appear when we originally posted the article, so we are sending this out again so you can be up to date on the wonderful Sister Dunnaway!


Hello!! Wow this week was incredible I dont even know where to start!!


So on Saturday, we woke up and at 9 am got a call from a ward member that we were supposed to have lunch with but she said she was outside of our apartment with food because she isnt going to be able to be there for lunch. So we go down and she has a car full of food for us!! 2 lasagnas, pizza, 2 bags of candy, 6 drinks, a cheesecake, 2 tubs of ice cream, it was insane!! we didnt even know what to do with all of it!​ We are stocked for a long long time! Then after that, we went to our ward party, because 18 of september is like the 4th of july x1000! its SO fun!! so our ward had a party saturday to celebrate it! One of our investigators, Cristian, came to it and he even danced Quaka! Its like the cultural dance here so they were doing it near the end and I love it! The culture here is so cool and fun!! Also we ate So much at it! Like stuffed there was a point I thought I was going to throw up! They brought out empanadas and this like hotdog thing and steak and we thought that was all but no that was just the appetizer! so then they had salads and big meat and loads of desert! Oh my it was a struggle to eat it all they go hard for the 18th! So much fun though!


Our most incredible investigator right now is Pablo! Hes 22 and already SO dedicated to the church! This week we set his baptismal date for 14 of October!! He has been to church both the last two Sundays and even arrived 10 minutes early this week! And we had a fireside Sunday night in Puente Alto and he came to that too! Investigator of gold!!! Also the fireside was incredible! President Morgan spoke and some missionaries from the other zones sang! It was super fun to see some of the people I hadnt seen since leaving the MTC!! And on the drive back, Pablo was reading the testimony of Joseph Smith! The Lord has sure prepared him for the gospel!!


We also have been teaching a lady named Maria Jose and she is incredible! This week we set a baptismal date for her for 21 of October! Shes so ready too and such a great person! After teaching her a couple days ago, we met a family of 4, theyre Evangelic but have SO much potential in this gospel we are so excited to continue teaching them! One more incredible investigator we have is Luz, shes 10 and the cutest thing ever! She came to church this week!


So much more happened this week but those are some of the best highlights and miracles! Im so grateful to be serving here I love this work so much! thank you for all the love and support! Hope everyone has a great week!!!



Hermana Dunnaway


  1. food from Hna Ann saturday morning
  2. ward party for 18 de Septiembre
  3. smily alfajore from a ward member!​

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