Missionary Monday: Elder Jeremy Hansen Serving in Costa Rica

Here are a couple of recent e-mails from Elder Jeremy Hansen:
Sept 13
sorry this is a day late, but we had a surprise zone conference yesterday and that means thursday is preparation day for this week.  one thing i learned was that the gospel is actually completely centered on Christ.  faith in Him leads us to rely on Him.  relying on Him is also known as repentance.  then we agree to follow Him and we are baptized.  then pressing forward to the end is following the Holy Ghost towards Christ.  basically its all about the Savior.  cool no?
the cool story for this week actually starts last week with elder ellis.  last tuesday we taught sister jennifer.  im not sure if she has been introduced or not or if it makes a difference to any of you but she is 27 and has a 1 year old kid.  she is a single mom because her husband nalumos sa sabaw (look it up on google translate).  but weve taught her a couple of times and i really love teaching her.  she is one of my favorite people to teach because she loves the bible, but not to bring up concerns or reasons that the church isnt true or anything, but she quotes bible verses that relate to what we were saying.  also she is a born again christian originally.  so yeah that is sister jennifer.  but last week elder ellis told her that when he learned that the book of mormon was true he started crying.  basically we taught her about the question that he asked. how do i know if i am saved?  and it was a super powerful lesson and stuff.  we read from the scriptures from mosiah 27: 24-26 and we just discussed about how even though alma and the sons of mosiah were baptized earlier (kind of just a guess)  they never changed.  we talked about how baptism is worthless if there is no change in the person.
basically all is great here on siquijor.
love you all,
hope you like my sermon
keep it chill
nalumos sa sabaw means he walked out on her but literally translates to that he drowned in soup
Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 9:07 PM
Subject: moms wisdom

our preparation day last week was so much fun.  we went to the beach and we cooked a fish on the fire (in bisaya its called sugba) and played frisbee and slacklined, see pictures below.  we also invited our super cool investigator, brother dave, who just chilled with us and played with us and stuff.

some cool things that have been going on is that we decided to all pool our money and buy a huge fish.  its six kilos and it should be able to feed us for a very long time.  it also helps that elder ranon who we share a house with is a for reals master chef.  also good news ive learned some stuff and i can actually cook a little.  basically im his apprentice.

something that i have been thinking about a lot these past two weeks is something that my mom sent me about 8 months ago that has come back to my thoughts a lot recently. she said (not an exact quote) “some people think that maturity is all about being independent.  but its not, its all about being interdependent.”  which is way way harder.  currently i am so blessed because i have the great elder cox as my companion.  but something that i have been striving hard to do is to trust in him as my companion.  the past couple of transfers i have been really just shouldering everything all by myself, and to be completely honest, doing a really good job at it all.  but recently i have been thinking about what i can do to improve.  and yeah im pretty sure this is it.  i need to rely on others.  especially my super capable companion, elder cox.

this week is a super cool ponderize about Jesus.  d and c 20:22

well i guess thats all i have for this week.

keep it chill

elder hansen

PS one of the pictures is me eating halo halo.  it’s kind of like ice-cream, from a coconut

Elder Hansen is serving from the Spring Gulch Ward.

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