Elder Jackman Serving In the Philippines

Here is a recent letter from Elder Jackman:

Hello to all of you again!!! I hope you all had a great week. This week was good and bad for us over here but we’ll try to focus mostly on the good haha. This week was really long, It felt like it lasted forever but we finally made it!!

Tuesday: At this time Elder Lacsao was still with us so we were in a threesome in Tolosa while his comp Elder Canas was with our ZLs. (Zone Leaders).  SO on Tuesday Elder Arienda got really sick and we let him rest for a while cuz it was really bad… we did our studies that morning and all that but after that we let him rest. While he did that I worked out and then did some laba (laundry) too, just to stay busy and get stuff done. Later on that night when Arienda was feeling a little bit better we went up to Canmogsay and did FHE with Nanay Lita and her family and such so that was fun we had a great lesson and did games too. I lost in the games so I had to sing for everyone haha. So I sang “The Inn Keeper” from the Forgotten Carols.  But they said I was a good singer. 🙂   Well, you may be thinking “Jake, isn’t it a little too early to be singing Christmas Songs?”  Well, over here in the Philippines, Christmas Celebrations start in September.  All Christmas decorations are up and music playing.  They LOVE Christmas.  So, the song fit in quite well.
Wednesday: We had our Zone interviews with President. That was Reeeaaallllyyy long but it was great!!! My interview with him went sooooooo well he told me so much stuff that really helped me and he told me that he thinks that I am a great leader and can become a great leader in the mission and after the mission. That was  really cool to hear!!  It really made me feel good!!  But he also told me to be ready for my next assignment that he has for me…..I don’t really know what that means it kinda worries me but I’m sure that I can do it hopefully! The reason I say that the interviews were so long is cuz we were at the church from 7:00 am- 3:00pm it was a really long time!!! After president finished all of the interviews and all the other missionaries left he interviewed the San Roque elders together after their interviews and that took a really long time so we just waited for that to finish cuz that is my district and I also had the key to the chapel so I had to lock it all up after we were done. But I guess president ‘fixed’ their problem. They are still comps and they are back in San Roque….it was really surprising to me that that is what pres decided to do….I hope it works out…. And I trust that President knows much more than me.
Friday: We had a devotional in Tocloban with some General Officers that came to visit. It was elder Heiyne (the 1st counselor in the Philippines area Presidency) and Elder Soares of the 70 (he gave a talk last Gen Conf).  It was soooooooooooo cool to go to that!  We got to meet them and talk with them and they both gave devotionals. Oh man, it was SO good – the spirit was very strong and I learned SO much.  It was just so amazing!!!  It really inspired me to be better and to try and work harder. Elder Soares really focused on our purpose as missionaries and how we are truly representatives of Christ.  It was a real eye opener for me on how I really gotta be better!!
Saturday: We did a Service Project for a Lady in the Tolosa branch.  We went to the house of her father and did extreme weed pulling. I say extreme cuz the weeds were up to our knees. There was soooo much to do. But we got a lot of work done and man it was hard hard work but we aren’t even close to being done.  We gotta go back this week and try to finish the rest!!! I also climbed another coconut tree and got us some coconuts to eat when we took a break.  No one else knew how to climb coconut trees – so I did it because I have done it many times before.   It was the best coconut I have ever had!!  The coconut milk was so sweet and the coconut meat was perfect!!!  It was great!! I’m really good at climbing the coconut trees now.  This one I just climbed was probably a goot 25-30 feet haha it is so fun!!!
Sunday: On Sunday We went to church in Tolosa and we didn’t have any investigators at church so that was a major bummer but we had a good day on sunday. We went out and worked with our BML (Branch Mission Leader) that day and scheduled some FHEs (Family Home Evenings) with some LA (Less Active) families so that will be really fun!!! After we worked we went and had a boodle fight at Brother Benjies house. That is when you lay all the food on banana leaves and eat with your hands it is the best ever!!!  I just love eating with my hands.  The food tastes so much better when you eat it with your hands.  Ahhh, it was so delicious.  (Rice, hot dogs, ham, noodles and sauce).
Oh, also I got a package!!  Thank you so much.  It was full of Protein Stuff and I loved it!!  Also, Elder Arienda received the “Greenie Package” you sent to him.  He was so happy!  Thank you.
I also got a letter from mom with a new picture of Christ in it.  I love it mom – Thanks.
Well that is how our week went it was pretty good in the long run. I hope you are all doing great and recieving many blessings!!! Love you all so much
Makabuhat kita og lidod nga mga butang  (We can do hard things – in Cebuano)
Makabuhat kita hin makuringa mga butang  (We can do hard things – in Waray Waray)
Hurrah For Israel!!

Elder Jackman is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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