Missionary Monday: Elder Harrell Serving in Peru

Here is  a recent letter from Elder Harrell:
Hello again everyone! So something I forgot to mention last week was that I am a district leader! I we all had interviews with the branch president and I guess they picked me and 2 other kids out of the 30 something mmissionaries. In related news, I have become great at pretending I know what I´m doing. I dont do too much as a DL, I just make sure everybody is somewhat following the rules and nobody is having any personal problems. If they do, then me and the other 2 district leaders handle it using a sock filled with pennies. Hahaha no not actually. But its been a great experience and has definitley forced me to grow spiritually and mentally.
Also, aparently I have now slept through 3 earthquakes. They were all minor, like 3-4 on the scale, but I guess alot of people woke up cause the drawers were shaking. Also, another wierd thing about here is that the sun is literally never out. There´s this weird persistent haze that never leaves. But it makes the temperature nice so  I cant complain.

My fitness class is growing too hahaha, alot of people have resitance bands and we´ve been able to jury rig some half way decent equipment. The quote from the week in the class was ¨vomit is only weakness leaving the body” from this hispanic elder during our leg workout XD. We´re up to around 10 people now!
Anyways, Elder Oaks came to our MTC and gave a great talk on missionary work! I got to shake his hand which was super cool!
My spanish skills are weird. I can talk well but I have no clue what people say to me. Which is awkward because I just have to give super general answers to people and kinda guess what theyre talking about hahah. One time I told somebody that I was very tired in spanish, but I got the inlfection wrong and missed a letter and said that I was very married. So now half the latinos think i´m married, I don´t know enough spanish to explain myself so I guess that´s just the way it is now haha.
Another thing: the Churros here are NEXT LEVEL. I didnt know food could taste so good, but down here it does. Seriously, when you eat these churros, your soul exits your body and ascends to the next dimension.
Another awkward spanish moment: I asked a practice nvestigator if he was married or had a girlfriend and he responded that he was single. However, I thought he said that she left him becuase the phrases sound similar in spanish, so I said i´m sorry. So what ended up happening was he said “Im single” and then I said “Im sorry” and it was really awkward.
So 2 nights ago, I started singing Country Roads for some reason, and like the entire floor started singing it too and the whole dorm building errupted into song. It was quite possibly the greatest thing ever.
The latino kids here all stay upo till like 12 and party and its the funniest thing ever. They all stay upsairs, and we can always hear muffled screaming, singing, and whatever general nonsense is happing up there. The good thing for me is that they arent in my district which means they arent my problem hahahha.
The last thing I´ll talk about here for the week is ties. Ties here are like cigarettes in prison. They are straight up currency. Like if you want a dude shanked in the lunch line, you just need a nice tie and im sure someone would do it. Just kidding, but for reeal ties are SOOOO valuable here. If you have a nice looking tie, you instantly become a king pin. Tie trading is also very popular.
Anwyas, thanks for all of the support guys! I love you all and miss you guys!

Elder Harrell is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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