Missionary Monday: Elder Jake Jackman, 6 months left!

Jake only has about 6 months left of his mission – but really only 5 months left that we can send snail mail letters. If you would like to write to Jake – I am sure he would really love it. He has very limited e-mail time now, but I know he loves to get mail. Please write to Jake if you have a moment.

Kolleen Jackman

Jake’s Letter:

“Wow these weeks just seem to be going by faster and faster no matter what i do….it is crazy but man this week was a great one for us. We have really been focusing on bro Bal and on the Albelda family also and they are just doing sooo great they all have IBDs (Invitation to Baptism Date) for February 10 and that is still going full steam ahead so we just hope and pray that that all goes well and according to the Lords plan!!

Tuesday: We had an incredible lesson to Bro. Bal and he told us that he feels that he finally has a testimony even if it is just small and growing!! He had an incredible experience this week. Another guy that lives in his same boarding house went to Bro Bal and borrowed a needle and they got to talking and it turns out that this brother is an inactive member for many years now. They got to talking and he told Bro. Bal what he doesn’t like about the church and his doubts and stuff and Bro. Bal totally stood up for the church and testified what he knew to brother Christopher (that is his name) and so in doing that bro bal realized that he knows that it is all true!!!!!!!!! Can you say MIRACLE!!  Man we are sooo happy for him and he is doing great at following the LOC and all that!! So hopefully he will be baptized this feb 10 he will be interviewed by Pres Argana this FEb 7 or 8 when he is here for our Zone interviews and such so we hope and pray that that all goes well!!!
Thursday: We had a great lesson to the Albelda family in which sister jovelyn told us that she really has a faith and testimony that the BOM (Book of Mormon) is true and that Jospech Smith is a prophet!!! Oh man that was sooo incredible to hear!!! They are doing great!  Just some backround info – she has 2 kids Joshua and Jelyn and they have been progressing too and they all read the BOM.  Sister is in Alma 18!!! so amazing!!! I really have a testimony that the Heavenly Father is preparing his children in the perfect time to come into the Fold of God! Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father truly do lead this work!!!
Unfortunately my shoes finally bit the dust this week. I sent a pic and I actually wore them like that for a good 3 days cuz I liked those shoes – they were with me for a long time. But i like a quote by one of the past prophets ‘My life is like my shoes to be worn out in the service of my God”!
Love you all soooooo much! Stay strong stay happy trust in the Lord!  Trust in the Grace of the Savior Jesus Christ!!!!! Love you all soo much”

Pictures – Elder Earl is a member of the ward – he will be leaving on his mission in a couple of weeks. Notice the bed he sleeps on. We are blessed to have mattresses here in the USA. And Jake’s beloved shoes.

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