Missionary Monday: Elder Jake Jackman, The Lord Leads His Work

Feb 18, 2018
Well this week was pretty dang crazy we had many miracles and many tender mercies that the Lord blessed us with!!

Well this week I got a bit sick so that wasn’t fun to deal with.  I was sick on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I did my best to work as best as I could.  The problem was is I had a really bad cough and lost my voice pretty bad so it was hard to teach but the work goes on!!

I’m sorry but I don’t have any more time….. so i gotta make this quick…

Saturday: Was the wonderful baptism of Leon Reo it was so great and I had the privilage to baptize him as well as the investigator in the Sisters area.  It was so great and we also had the St Margarita Elders there for their baptism. It was soooo great!!
  We found some HUGE Grub – they were cool.
Sunday: was the last day for Elder Intos.  We took him the the van terminal at 3:00 to go to Tacloban to go to the mission office so that was a bitter sweet moment.
But now I am in a threesome with the 2 elders that live with us so that is fun but on sunday night we had a lesson to Bro Bal and it was all about enduring to the end.
It was a great lesson and at the end Bro Bal said the closing prayer and in his prayer he testified to Heavenly Father that he knew that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book Of Mormon is true and that the Church is true!! It was so great.  It was a major miracle!!!!

Sorry I don’t have any info about transfers yet that will be tomorrow…
I hope you are all doing great and happy and safe
  Have fun on your cruise!
Love you all so much!!


Feb 25, 2018 – Changes Have Come!!!

Well transfers have come!!! It was a very busy week for me very slow and very stressful but it was great!! I am still here in the Same area of Calbayog and I am still a ZL (Zone Leader) but my comp is Elder Apsay he has been in the mission 6 months and I am training him to be a ZL.  It is so great. He is from Negros Occidental

Sunday: So on sunday Elder Intos left for Tacloban so I no longer had a comp…..I was in a threesome with the elders that live with us.
Monday: It was a great day on Monday we had a good pday and did all our good pday activities and in the afternoon we went and taught the Serito Family about the WOW (Word of Wisdom).  It was a great lesson. They are all super attentive and really willing to participate they even take notes as we teach it is so cool!!!!
Tuesday: Was transfer announcement. And I found out who my new companion was and all the info in the whole zone and mission.  Because they send us the transfer lug which has all the transfers on it. Elder Quirante is now a ZL so good for him I am really excited for him but he is super stressed out now but i know that he will do great.  He was born a leader!!! AND Elder Arienda (the elder that I trained) is now training a new missionary!!!! Super awesome!!! I am really proud of him!!! So he went to Tacloban to get his new comp and get trainings so Elder Quirante hung out with me that day until he transferd the nest morning!
Wednesday: Was transfer day so all the transfering missionaries went to their new areas and Elder Apsay came here to Calbayog he arrived at about 5:30.
Friday: Me and Elder Apsay had a great lesson to the Serito family we taught about the 10 commandments.
Then we went and taught Bro Bal about faith and charity. That was a super good lesson and it was so cool to watch Elder Apsay teach and everything!! He was so amazed at the end of the lesson as we were going home he told me that Brother Bal was an amazing investigator!! That is very true! He is so prepared!!! In my whole mission I have never had an investigator like Brother Bal – he is amazing!!!
Sunday: We had a great sunday we only had 1 investigator Bro Bal….it rained super hard on Sunday so that is why no one really came….that is what it is like here in the Philippines when it rains no one goes out…. But we did have another really good lesson to Bro Bal that night. He brought up some concerns and questions that he had it was so great and they were really good questions too and some really hard ones haha like: -Why was Jesus baptized in his adulthood  -Why is the age of accountability 8 -What are secret combinations -and many more.  His questions stemmed from 2 things; he read the talk of President Nielson “The Book Of Mormon what would your life be like with out it” and he also has a had a lot of persecution from his friends and family and that caused him to fall upon some anti-Mormon literature…..so we talked to him all about that but he knows that what he saw and read is wrong! He has a very strong testimony!!!
Well I hope you guys are all doing well and staying happy and safe!!
That Lord Loves all of us!! Remember His Grace is sufficient!
  We are headed up to Tacloban today and I know I have 2 packages there in the mission office for me.  Thank you so much!!
Love you all so much!
Makabuhat kit sin makury na maga butang!!!

88 Choir Practice in Calbayog88b New Companion Elder Apsay

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