Missionary Monday – Elder Jake Jackman

March 11th, 2018

Well this week was very busy for me and Elder Apsay we weren’t able to do a whole ton of work cuz we had  to do a lot of stuff for the Zone to help out other missionaries.

 1) We had to get all this stuff worked out for the calbayog sisters new apartment we finally found them an apartment and got it all worked out and everything so there were multiple days that we had to meet with the apartment owner and get things worked out and then go and check out the apartment and make sure it was good and then the day after that we had to go back and meet the care taker there and open the apartment for him so he could fix the door knob and give us the new key and all that fun stuff. It was a lot of work and i am glad that it is almost over. This week the sisters will transfer into their new apartment on Tuesday!!!
2) we had to help some other sisters find a hospital this week cuz one sister needed to get her foot and neck looked at so one day we went around finding a hospital that accepted maxicare and that had a general surgeon then another day they came here and we helped them with the doctors and with scheduling stuff. Then another day they came back for results and more check ups and all that fun stuff so that was fun to deal with too.

We taught the Serito family this week and they are doing sooo great!! They all came to church too and are doing great at reading the Book of Mormon! We have a plan to go back and teach them this Thursday and to re-extend their IBD just to help them really be ready!!
As for Bro Bal he has hit a rough point. He is getting a lot of persecution from his auntie who is a Madre in the catholic church and she basically convinced him to investigate the Catholic church….so bro bal has been doing that and he has come in contact with some anti mormon stuff and has caused a lot of doubts for him….so we are doing our best to help him and we really keep praying for him very fervently!!
Well this week was great I have had many amazing personal studies this week that have really helped me out!!
one thing I want to share is from Mark 9:23-24
In this time a father came to Jesus with his son who was possesed with an evil spirit and Christ said unto him if thou canst believe all things are possible. then 24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, believe; help thou mine unbelief.
I love that verse in verse 24 the father straghtway cried out. He immediately cried for help and said that he believed but then maybe doubting his faith or maybe lacking the confidence that he needed he said ” help thou mine unbelief” we are all lke that sometimes we all need the Grace of Jesus Christ to help us continue and to help us endure or evern to help us gain the faith necessary.
I know that if we just put ourslves trustingly in the Arms of the Savior he will always lead us to greener pastures but some times that path is rocky and rough but I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!
Love you all sooo much keep strong and keep happy!!
Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang

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