Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, Busy Week!

Sorry I don’t have much more time so I will just give a small spiritual thought
This week I read in 3 Nephi 17 this is where Christ heals the sick and afflicted of the Nephites and where He also blesses their children! I love this chapter sooo much it really brings the spirit and can really bring peace i love verse 7 Christ asks them to come forth and be healed he says bring any that are afflicted in any manner…..isn’t that all of us. We each are suffering with something in our lives we each have problems and struggles but Jesus calls to all of us  to come unto Him and be healed and be happy!! I know that it is possible for all of us. It may be hard and sometimes the journey to Christ may seem long but it is possible and it is the best journey we can all make!!! And remember that journey is a life time!!
The gospel is for the perfecting of the saints not for the perfect saints.
Trust in God, Believe in yourself and press forward!!
Love you all sooo much!!
Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang
Hurrah for Israel!!!

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