Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, Changes

Well I have no more time right now so this will be really quick!!
I just got a new calling to be the New AP (Assistant to the President) of the Philippines Tacloban Mission! So I am really excited but really nervous – please pray for me. I will now be speaking Waray Waray H and Tagalog. I am now in Tacloban chillin’ with the APs and yea we have a lot of stuff to do today with transfers and departing missionaries and new in comming missionaries and such so it is cray!! (crazy)

We had a miracle happen this week at church in Calbayog we had the Serito family come to Church they are our progressing investiogators and Sister Esperanza bore her testimony at church in front of the whole congregation!!! (She tapped me on the shoulder and asked if it was ok for non-members to bear their testimony. I said Yes Yes, Of Course! And she went up and Bore an amazing testimony). It was soooo cool and sooo powerful!!!

When we were teaching a lesson this week our investigator got some huge eyes and said “Whoah!!” And said, “Elder look behind you”. I turned and there was a Centipede on the wall about the size of the top of my fingers to my wrist. It was so cool.

Love you all SO much! Sorry I have to go cuz we got stuff to do but I love you all sooo much! Trust in the Lord and look to the Savior for guidance and for help and especially for strength!!

We can do hard things

Makabuhat kit hin makury nga mga buitang!!!

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