Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, D&C 98:1-3

Sun, March 18th

Hello family i hope this was a good week for you all. I’m sorry i dont have much tme left – in fact i dont have any time left haha so i will make this quick!!

This week was good but we had some hard trials and things happened that caused us to be discouraged and such. But Heavenly Father comforted us thru the Words in D&C 98:1-3 this is a revelation given to Joseph for the saints is Missouri who were really suffering that no matter what happens give your thanks to God for his blessings and for his love!! Even tho life is hard The Lord still love us all and Jesus Christ is always there to help us and comfort us!!
God always hears our prayers and he always loves us but he knows the right time and place to answer our prayers sometimes he has to create that ‘holding place’ in our hearts so that there is room enough to recieve the answer!!

That really helped me and Elder Apsay this week as we faced some discouragement with our investigators. The Serito family didn’t come to church and bro bal still hasn’t texted us to go help him or teach him….we feel he is slowly slipping away and we do not want that to happen. But we continually pray for him and know that Heavenly Fathers plan will be accomplished or us and for Bal.

We transferred the sisters stuff this week to their new apartment so that was really fun. I was hanging off the side of the timbol as we rode along trying to hold onto things so they wouldn’t fall haha it was soo fun!! And Elder Apsay is sitting on the bike part hanging on. We had to do this 3 times.

We actually went to a new area to find some less active members and it was awesome. It was in the Bukid (jungle). It reminded me of Villaba so much – I just loved it.

Love you all so much I hope you are all happy and safe and staying safely on the Lords side of the fence!!

Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang
Hurrah for Israel!!

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