Elder Holland’s BYU Commencement Speech

If you missed Jeffrey R. Holland’s BYU commencement speech given on April 26th, you missed out! It is worth taking the time to read, or watch. Even though children are just now starting their new school year, this speech is a great reminder as to what they are learning for: To serve others and make the world a better place. Enjoy!

Here is quote from the speech:

“No child should have to go to school fearful that they won’t live to see their parents that evening. No citizenry should have to live with a system- pick a nation, any nation, or put a pin in a world map almost at random- where corruption is rampant, where chaos is the order of the day, and where statesmanlike character, elevated (to say nothing of elegant) speech, and dignified personal behavior are seemingly alien concepts…

…Well, I don’t want to dwell on anything negative today, and you might say it has always been so down through time, and maybe it has. But it doesn’t have to be! So go out there and light a candle. Be a ray of light. Be your best self and let your character shine. Cherish the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it. The world needs you, and surely your Father in Heaven needs you if His blessed purposes for His children are to prevail. You have entered to learn. Now go forth to serve and strengthen. If correcting all the world’s ills seems a daunting task, so be it. Go out there and be undaunted. If we cannot look to you to change the world, tell me to whom we should look.”

To read the talk, click HERE. To watch the full speech, click the video below:

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