Missionary Monday: Elder Water Serving In Brazil

Here is a recent blog post from Elder Waters:

Week 34 – Temple Day

Hello Everyone!

Today I get to go to the temple so that is why P-day changed!


This week was another speedy one!  On Friday I went on exchange with Elder Stanbury who is from London. It was fun talking in English.  I asked him all these questions about England. I think he is the only missionary from England in our mission. With Elder Standbury we were able to visit Wellington’s brother Homar and set a date for baptism. Later we got some pizza and had a great time.

This Saturday Wellington and Heryvelton are scheduled to be baptized. They are both 17 and are super prepared. They have progressed a lot and have fully embraced the gospel into their lives. This past Sunday we had a stake conference and they both came. They both loved all the talks and felt the spirit strong. President Bigelow spoke and talked about how we need to gain a testimony for ourselves about the Restoration of the Gospel. It was way sweet.

This past week I noticed how Elder Zanni has been getting super stressed being the district leader and stressed about our investigators.  It was to the point that his body is getting way tired and he has been sick every week. I finally sat him down and was like dude, you need to get a stress reliever, this is really bad for your health! And so of course I made some guacamole with these enormous Brazilian avocados, because everyone knows that gauc cures any kind of stress. Also my dad said that he ate ramen noodles alot on the mission so I had to honor him this week and make some with fried eggs.


Shout out to my cousin Mackenzie for entering the MTC this week!!! You are going to kill it cousin. Nevada doesn’t know what’s coming 🙂

Have a great week y’all (as Elder Trammell would say)


Totals This Week

Steps: 125,807

Miles: 65.49

Elder Waters

Elder Waters is serving from the Falcon Park Ward. You can visit his blog by clicking HERE.

Missionary Monday: Sister Carolyn Redford Serving In Newburgh, NY

A few weeks ago we posted about Sister Redford serving in Argentina. You can read about her HERE. Now, her sister has joined her in serving the Lord, only instead of Argentina, she is in New York.

Here is a recent letter from Sister Carolyn Redford:

Hello family!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty superb week! Lyss, I’m super jealous! Dad, I remember you showing me that song, and I really liked it! I can’t believe A is going on a mission! That’s so awesome! I wish him the best of luck! Mom, my talk went pretty well! I got through it at least, and took up an appropriate amount of time! So that’s good. I felt a little bad because our ward is part deaf, so one of the elders translates during the sacrament, and I was talking really fast because I was super nervous, so oops. But other than that it was good! I really enjoyed church this past week. We learned about covenants and baptism and it renewed my faith in those topics. Anyway, my week was pretty good. I was really frustrated the other day because it seemed like literally nothing was working out. It’s just been tough because somedays are super good and some days are rougher,  but we canNOT figure out what the difference is between those days. But we are working with some really awesome people who are definitely prepared. Anyway, nothing too interesting happened this week. Yesterday, Paul ( a member) did this goodbye breakfast for our district, and he made the best bacon I’ve ever had. Then he had a prize for the people who were leaving( a box of Cheerios!) but they had to rap for it! Only one of them actually rapped ( the white boy from Utah), then one of them did a backflip, one of them did the worm and the last one sang! It was pretty hilarious and I super wish I would’ve recorded it. 
Anyway, this week we’re trying to focus more on faith and hope. I never realized that hope is having trust in a God and His promises. And faith is having the courage to act on it. So, hope plays a bigger part than I realized. I’m hoping to be a little better this week, and I’ll show my faith but working like crazy! It’s gonna be great! I hope you guys have a good week too! Love you all so much!
Sister Redford 

P.s. Today is transfers! I made it through six whole weeks and I’m still alive!

Sister Redford is serving from the Falcon Park Ward.

Missionary Monday: Sister Redford Serving In Argentina

Dearest Family,

This past week was a good one! We worked hard and had fun. For the Zone Conference we made over 100 little alfajores, which were delicious. Also, we finished reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, which we started reading in January. I loved reading it and learning from the examples of the prophets. Now Hermana Cordova and I decided to read the New Testament, which is quite interesting. I love the scriptures. 

This week is going to be a bit crazy.. We have exchanges and I am going to Bragado for three days again to work with Hermana Cleveland (who is from California and knows Khira Holbrook!). I feel like Bragado is another one of my areas! Then on Friday we have an Hermanas Conference in Buenos Aires! I am super excited to see all my hermanas and to be uplifted by the messages and activities. Then, of course on Sunday I get to talk to you guys! Wahoo! 

I am starting to get pretty good at cooking here in Argentina. At first it was terrible but little by little I became accustomed to the changes and now I can cook up a storm if we don’t have lunch! Also, I make a little treat for our Family Home Evenings that we have with the branch every Friday. I have tried to make brownies a few times but it doesn’t turn out very well. Can you send me a few simple recipes?  

Sunday was branch conference and it turned out great! We are slowly growing and people are starting to reactivate themselves. During the sacrament I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough bread to go around, and then I felt really thankful that that was my worry. It is a blessing to have sacrament meeting filled with people.

The Christ-like Attribute of the week is HOPE. “Hope is an abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promises to you. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance. Hope helps you conquer discouragement. Hope is the anchor of our souls.”
How can you increase your hope?

I know this church is true. I know that families can be together forever only through the restored gospel. And I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! It’s great to be a missionary!

Love, Hermana Redford
Sister Redford is serving from the Falcon Park Ward.
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