Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, Changes

Well I have no more time right now so this will be really quick!!
I just got a new calling to be the New AP (Assistant to the President) of the Philippines Tacloban Mission! So I am really excited but really nervous – please pray for me. I will now be speaking Waray Waray H and Tagalog. I am now in Tacloban chillin’ with the APs and yea we have a lot of stuff to do today with transfers and departing missionaries and new in comming missionaries and such so it is cray!! (crazy)

We had a miracle happen this week at church in Calbayog we had the Serito family come to Church they are our progressing investiogators and Sister Esperanza bore her testimony at church in front of the whole congregation!!! (She tapped me on the shoulder and asked if it was ok for non-members to bear their testimony. I said Yes Yes, Of Course! And she went up and Bore an amazing testimony). It was soooo cool and sooo powerful!!!

When we were teaching a lesson this week our investigator got some huge eyes and said “Whoah!!” And said, “Elder look behind you”. I turned and there was a Centipede on the wall about the size of the top of my fingers to my wrist. It was so cool.

Love you all SO much! Sorry I have to go cuz we got stuff to do but I love you all sooo much! Trust in the Lord and look to the Savior for guidance and for help and especially for strength!!

We can do hard things

Makabuhat kit hin makury nga mga buitang!!!

Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, D&C 98:1-3

Sun, March 18th

Hello family i hope this was a good week for you all. I’m sorry i dont have much tme left – in fact i dont have any time left haha so i will make this quick!!

This week was good but we had some hard trials and things happened that caused us to be discouraged and such. But Heavenly Father comforted us thru the Words in D&C 98:1-3 this is a revelation given to Joseph for the saints is Missouri who were really suffering that no matter what happens give your thanks to God for his blessings and for his love!! Even tho life is hard The Lord still love us all and Jesus Christ is always there to help us and comfort us!!
God always hears our prayers and he always loves us but he knows the right time and place to answer our prayers sometimes he has to create that ‘holding place’ in our hearts so that there is room enough to recieve the answer!!

That really helped me and Elder Apsay this week as we faced some discouragement with our investigators. The Serito family didn’t come to church and bro bal still hasn’t texted us to go help him or teach him….we feel he is slowly slipping away and we do not want that to happen. But we continually pray for him and know that Heavenly Fathers plan will be accomplished or us and for Bal.

We transferred the sisters stuff this week to their new apartment so that was really fun. I was hanging off the side of the timbol as we rode along trying to hold onto things so they wouldn’t fall haha it was soo fun!! And Elder Apsay is sitting on the bike part hanging on. We had to do this 3 times.

We actually went to a new area to find some less active members and it was awesome. It was in the Bukid (jungle). It reminded me of Villaba so much – I just loved it.

Love you all so much I hope you are all happy and safe and staying safely on the Lords side of the fence!!

Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang
Hurrah for Israel!!

Missionary Monday – Elder Jackman, Busy Week!

Sorry I don’t have much more time so I will just give a small spiritual thought
This week I read in 3 Nephi 17 this is where Christ heals the sick and afflicted of the Nephites and where He also blesses their children! I love this chapter sooo much it really brings the spirit and can really bring peace i love verse 7 Christ asks them to come forth and be healed he says bring any that are afflicted in any manner…..isn’t that all of us. We each are suffering with something in our lives we each have problems and struggles but Jesus calls to all of us  to come unto Him and be healed and be happy!! I know that it is possible for all of us. It may be hard and sometimes the journey to Christ may seem long but it is possible and it is the best journey we can all make!!! And remember that journey is a life time!!
The gospel is for the perfecting of the saints not for the perfect saints.
Trust in God, Believe in yourself and press forward!!
Love you all sooo much!!
Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang
Hurrah for Israel!!!

Missionary Monday – Elder Jake Jackman

March 11th, 2018

Well this week was very busy for me and Elder Apsay we weren’t able to do a whole ton of work cuz we had  to do a lot of stuff for the Zone to help out other missionaries.

 1) We had to get all this stuff worked out for the calbayog sisters new apartment we finally found them an apartment and got it all worked out and everything so there were multiple days that we had to meet with the apartment owner and get things worked out and then go and check out the apartment and make sure it was good and then the day after that we had to go back and meet the care taker there and open the apartment for him so he could fix the door knob and give us the new key and all that fun stuff. It was a lot of work and i am glad that it is almost over. This week the sisters will transfer into their new apartment on Tuesday!!!
2) we had to help some other sisters find a hospital this week cuz one sister needed to get her foot and neck looked at so one day we went around finding a hospital that accepted maxicare and that had a general surgeon then another day they came here and we helped them with the doctors and with scheduling stuff. Then another day they came back for results and more check ups and all that fun stuff so that was fun to deal with too.

We taught the Serito family this week and they are doing sooo great!! They all came to church too and are doing great at reading the Book of Mormon! We have a plan to go back and teach them this Thursday and to re-extend their IBD just to help them really be ready!!
As for Bro Bal he has hit a rough point. He is getting a lot of persecution from his auntie who is a Madre in the catholic church and she basically convinced him to investigate the Catholic church….so bro bal has been doing that and he has come in contact with some anti mormon stuff and has caused a lot of doubts for him….so we are doing our best to help him and we really keep praying for him very fervently!!
Well this week was great I have had many amazing personal studies this week that have really helped me out!!
one thing I want to share is from Mark 9:23-24
In this time a father came to Jesus with his son who was possesed with an evil spirit and Christ said unto him if thou canst believe all things are possible. then 24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, believe; help thou mine unbelief.
I love that verse in verse 24 the father straghtway cried out. He immediately cried for help and said that he believed but then maybe doubting his faith or maybe lacking the confidence that he needed he said ” help thou mine unbelief” we are all lke that sometimes we all need the Grace of Jesus Christ to help us continue and to help us endure or evern to help us gain the faith necessary.
I know that if we just put ourslves trustingly in the Arms of the Savior he will always lead us to greener pastures but some times that path is rocky and rough but I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!
Love you all sooo much keep strong and keep happy!!
Makabuhat kit sin makuri nga mga butang

Missionary Monday – Elder Jake Jackman

March 4, 2018

Hellooooo my wonderful family and friends and everyone who reads my emails haha. Welp this week was a very busy and tiring week. We had to travel on Monday to Tacloban to go to MLC the meeting where all the ZLs and STLs meet with president and plan and do training and such. It was sooooo great we learned a ton and had some great training’s given to us. One of which by president was focusing on the Book of Mormon and how we all need to focus more on using the Book Of Mormon in all of our teaching to help people gain the testimony that they need.  He also challenged us as President Monson and President Nelsen have, to read the Book Of Mormon every day and to apply all that we learn

I testify to that that if we read the BOM daily we will gain great blessings and the spirit will pour out into all aspects of our lives!!  I have been reading the Book Of Mormon every day for a while now and i testify that what the Prophets have said and written is true!!
  We had 14 Elders stay at the AP’s Apartment.  It was something else!
We got back to our area in the afternoon on Wednesday. We were just wiped out –  traveling here in the Philippines really kills and is exhausting!!
We aslo had District conference this week for the Catbalogan District. That took another huge chunck out of our time to teach cuz that ment on both saturday and sunday we had to travel to Catbalogan. But it was super good we learned a lot and the spirit was very strong!!!
I had to repair the kitchen sink.  We got home to a huge mess of sludge and water.  I am so thankful that I learned these skills at home with dad, so that I knew how to repair the broken pipe.  It was a mess and my hands got all beat up, but I loved it so much.  I love working with my hands – it feels so good. All is fixed and working fine now.
Bro bal is experiencing a hard time right now in his life…he is facing a lot of trials and challenges in his life and he is facing a lot of persecution from his family so it is really putting a damper on things….so we are trying to work as best as we can with him to help him out but we are trying different things to help him out different ways to tackle these problems. But he is so prepared for the gospel he just has some things to work out right now!!
Sorry I don’t have much time left so i will just bear my testimony right now cuz i feel SO happy and blessed!! The Lord truly does love us all!! He rejoices when we are happy and when we follow his commandments and he sorrows with us when we sorrow and when we choose to disobey. But I know that Thru the Atoning sacrifice  of the Savior of mankind ALL THINGS are truly possible!  We can over come any trial any challenge and any struggle thru the strength and Love of the Savior. I know that he Lives. I know that he loves us. I have felt it burn within my heart countless times!!! I have felt his perfect love wipe away all of my grief and all my pain His Grace truly is sufficient!!!
I love you all and hope you are all staying happy and firm in the Faith of Christ!
PS – I got 3 packages from mom and 2 letters from Grandpa Mathias.  Thank you all so much!  It means so much to me.
Hurrah for Isreal
Makabuhat kit sin makury na mga butang
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