Stake Relief Society Service

Thank you to all of the Relief Society sisters who participated in the service project at the recent Relief Society conference. Several hundreds of pounds of food were collected and donated to the Lone Tree Fresh Harvest Food Bank.

Thank you also to the scout troops from the Westridge and Northridge Wards who helped sort, donate, and deliver the food to the Food Bank!


Relief Society Conference

Last weekend the women in the stake met together for a wonderful and uplifting conference! President and Sister Murdock spoke about about grounding our faith in the Savior, and based their remarks on this quote:

“Grounded in the gospel, rooted in resolve, established in our expectations about life, and settled in our devotion to the Savior…When we are grounded, rooted, established, and settled, we can have a precious perspective which puts other things in their proper place. This is no small blessing, for it lifts us above our immediate circumstances and concerns, giving us a larger view of things…”

-Elder Neal A. Maxwell, BYU Devotional Address, 15 Sept. 1981

After their remarks, the women dined on a fanciful feast- it was simply remarkable how the cultural hall was transformed into a garden party oasis.

Thank you to everyone involved- from the speakers to the priesthood who kept the food coming and picked up chairs- THANK YOU!

General Women’s Meeting Photos

Last Saturday the ladies of our stake met to be uplifted and edified by our religious leaders at the semi-annual General Women’s Meeting. Thank you to the Stake Relief Society Presidency for supplying a wonderful treat afterwards! It was a beautiful evening, and we are grateful for all who made the night a success!

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