Missionary Monday: Elder Wandry Serving In Jackson, MS

wandry4The only thing Josh said about this picture is:
“Only in the Sip”

wandry3Elder Hubert and Elder Wandry
Josh will miss being with Elder Hubert.


Josh gave no information on this photo–but he looks great!

Here is a recent e-mail from Elder Wandry:

November 7, 2016

Well, I am finally leaving Forest. But, the good news is, I am not going too far!! Actually, I am staying in the same ward! haha I was shocked. I am going to Brandon. So, every other week I will still see all the members that live up here in Forest. I will also get to see Elder Hubert! haha And go on exchanges with him! It was super crazy and not what I was expecting. We have a huge mission and I go to the area right next to mine… Haha I am super pumped and super excited for it. I already know my companion and all the members. It is hardly even a change! Elder Jensen is my companion and is from Las Vegas. He is super dope and I am so pumped to serve with him.

Other than that, this week was pretty great. It was a great last week here. Yesterday was actually kinda crazy. We asked a member that lives in Lake if we could come over sometime during the week to teach a lesson. Well, they offered to make us dinner. So, we planned on just going over and eating dinner with them last night. When we got there, it was like a party! haha The Powell’s and sister Fritz showed up! I was shocked. They came and brought a ton of food. Not sure why they came, but I wasn’t complaining. It was good to have one last dinner with all the members I have become so close with here in Forest. Then we had a little family home evening and talked about the sacrament. It was great and I always love experiences like that on the mission. Just having super good lessons with members that you love. It is the best.

Also, we had a pretty cool spiritual experience this week. Well, they are always happening, but this one stood out to me. We were outside on our bikes and all our appointments fell through. On this specific part of town there are no investigators or anything. It was about 6:30 and there was nothing to do. It was already super dark and so we didn’t really want to knock doors. Once it gets dark, people yell at us for knocking on doors so it isn’t a good idea. Anyway, we sat there for a minute and let Elder Hubert come up with something. I knew I was probably leaving and wanted to make sure he would know what to do in a situation like that. Eventually we decided to pray. We ended the prayer and then heard a guy outside talking on the phone. We biked up to him and started to talk. Well, we eventually found out that he is ______ son!! _______ is one of our investigators. He talked with us for a while and we were able to get a return appointment for tonight!! We are so pumped. It was a quick answer to our prayer and we felt super blessed.

I know that God loves us. He answers our prayers and gives us what we need. He knows what we need and knows the people we need to find. And if we but ask, he will give them to us. It takes a lot of humbling, but he will make us strong. I am so grateful for my mission. Thanks for all the support and love!!

I love you!

Elder Wandry


If you’re transferred, and have any time to answer this:  what do you know about your new comp and your new area?

My new comp is Elder Jensen. He is from Las Vegas. Of course I know him because he has been my Zone Leader for the past transfer. We have gone on exchanges haha He is super nice and just a great missionary. I am so pumped.

If you’re transferred, will you get to speak a lot of Spanish in your new area?

I will not have any Spanish people to teach. I am really really sad about that haha

Did you remember daylight savings time Saturday night?!!

We did!! It was sooo nice! But now it gets dark at 5:30 here… WUT?!?!?!

Elder Wandry is serving from the Saddle Ranch Ward.


Saddle Ranch Ward Packs Food For Children

The Saddle Ranch Ward met again to pack food packets for needy children. These packets go to children in Highlands Ranch who do not have food to eat in times when they are not in school.

Each bag contains two breakfast items, two lunch items, two snack items and a fruit.

IMG_0469 IMG_0470
We could always use extra donations of food to help these kids. You can bring the donations and place them outside Bishop Cutlers office. Or, drop them off in front of Sheryn Thomas’ house or Pam McEwen’s house.

Suggested donations include:

Mac and Cheese
Mini boxes of cereal
Gold Fish                                                                                                                                                                   Squeezable applesauce

Thank you for all of your great work!!



Saddle Ranch Ward Provides Food For Needy Children, and You Can Help, Too!

The Saddle Ranch Ward has “adopted” 102 third graders from a school in Denver. Eighty percent of the kids in that school are on free and reduced lunch. Some kids ask their teachers and the office staff for food to take home because there is little food at home . We decided we would help alleviate their hunger during the weekends. Each month we are making weekend bags for the kids to take home.

IMG_0422 IMG_0423Each bag contains two breakfast items, two lunch items, two snack items and a fruit.

We could always use extra donations of food to help these kids. You can bring the donations and place them outside Bishop Cutlers office. Or, drop them off in front of Sheryn Thomas’ house or Pam McEwen’s house. Our next deadline is Conference weekend!IMG_0424





Suggested food items are:
Mac and Cheese
Mini boxes of cereal
Gold Fish
Squeezable applesauce

Each month we need to collect 408 of each item! Anything above what we need, will be given to the office to help the other kids in the school.

It was a great service activity, all ages could help!

IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

Missionary Monday: Elder Pettingill Serving In the Mexico Chihuahua Mission

Here is a recent blog post from Elder Pettingill:

Hey guys!!!! Ready for the first week of miracles???? Technically the first 4 days in Mexcio????  By the way sorry about grammar and spelling in English, the keyboards here are sticky and weird….. haha ok, so I got here and we took a giant taxi to mission headquarters where we dropped off our stuff then went to a big buffet restaurant!  Met the Mission President!  He’s a great nice small Mexican man!  Haha – we stayed at mission headquarters that night and the next day got our new companions!  I got a native speaker… who is also fluent in English!!!!!  He’s been a lot of help, and one of the best missionaries out here in the field, even though he just barely finished training!  He´s a district leader and a trainer right out of being trained, so this is as much of a challenge for him as it is for me!

We are in serving  Chigabata Paran!  Its a crazy area, very beautiful, very poor.  The people here are so amazing and humble!  We have a ton of investigators, and getting more every day!  I’m learning more and more every day and seeing the gospel help people in their lives so much!  Its been weird seeing everything in Spanish for a change, but its awesome!  For the past while, I haven’t been able to understand anything because they speak so fast and all the words are jumbled together……   but it’s getting better!

Friday night we were talking to an investigator, and she and her boyfriend wanted to get baptized…. but she had to get married first to him, and needed a signature from her mom who she hadn’t talked to in a while. We tried to convince her to go and talk to her but she wouldn’t, so we went talked to the mom ourselves (she is this sweet old lady who wants to make us hamburgers soon and take some more lessons)!  Anyway, she said she’d be willing to if A. came and told her why she wanted to get baptized.  So we walked back, told A., and she and her boyfriend walked with us to her mom who then signed it and talked with her.  She seemed really surprised about some of the things she said.

Anyway the next day we ran into even more roadblocks like not being able to find A.’s birth certificate (the mom had it under a huge pile of papers) and then we couldn’t find her boyfriend who thought the baptism wasn’t going to happen…… but in the end, I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize both of them!  The Spirit was incredibly strong, more so than usual, and that night the language finally clicked for me.  When we were teaching a family after the baptism, I realized that I could understand most of what they were saying, except for random words here and there. I could finally tell their words apart, and it wasn’t just a weird jumble to me!
Every day is full of these wonderful moments, and I will tell you guys more next week! Just know that I’m walking like 10 to 13 miles a day, I have gotten some pretty big blisters, almost have a hole in my shoe, and I’m absolutely loving it here!!!!!!!!  Haha even the spicy food, even though its killing me!  Oh! you guys will be proud, I actually am eating lettuce and tomatoes, rabbit food…….  Haha but its all going great! 

Elder Pettingill is serving from the Saddle Ranch Ward. You can visit his blog by clicking HERE.