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Below is a list of our missionaries out serving in the world and where they are serving. Many of our missionaries have blogs or FB pages- their names are hyperlinked if they have one.

Do you have a Highlands Ranch missionary who  is not listed, or see a mistake? Please e-mail  us at HighandsRanchMormons@gmail.com and we will gladly fix the list!

Elder Allen- Bolivia Santa Cruz North

Sister Armstrong- Iowa Des Moines

Elder Aschcroft- Japan, Sendai

Elder Auerbach- Canada Toronto

Sister Baade- Russia Samara

Elder Bertoch- South Carolina, Columbia

Elder Babbitt- Bolivia Cochabamba

Sister Boyack- Alabama Birmingham

Elder Bright- France, Paris

Elder Bryant- El Salvador, San Salvador

Elder Buhler- Germany, Berlin

Elder Burgoyne- France, Paris

Sister Burrup- France, Paris

Sister Callister- Argentina, Buenos Aires South

Sister Carley- Italy, Milan

Elder Christensen- Italy, Milan

Sister Cox- Alaska Anchorage

Sister Crellin- Washington, Vancouver

Elder Driggs- Spain Malaga

Brother and Sister Duncan- Nauvoo Illinois Temple

Sister Dunn- Adriatic South

Sister Dunnaway- Chile Santiago East

Elder Emmelkamp- Ecuador Quito North

Elder Fairchild- Peru Lima Central

Elder Folkman- Korea Deajeon

Elder Francis- California Rancho Cucamonga

Elder Gale- Cape Verde Praia

Elder Gee- Louisiana Baton Rouge

Elder Gibb- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Elder Glatt- Anchorage Alaska

Elder Griffith-Idaho Pocatello


Sister Guderian- Managua

Elder Hamilton- Armenia Yerevan

Elder Hanchett- California Bakersfield Spanish

Brother and Sister Handy- Scotland/Ireland

Elder J Hansen- Costa Rica San Jose West

Elder Hansen- Philipp Cebu

Elder Harrell- Peru Lima West

Elder Harris- Argentina Resistencia

Sister Harris- Ukraine Kiev

Elder Herlin- Brazil Curitiba South

Sister C. Jackman- California San Fernando

Elder J. Jackman- Philippines Tacloban

Elder Jenson- Chile Vina del Mar

Elder Jezek- Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Elder Jenson- Colombia Cali

Elder Johnson- Frankfurt Germany

Elder Jones- Argentina Cordoba

Sister Karren- Brazil Teresina

Sister K. Karren- Washington Yakima

Sister H. Karren- Virginia Richmond

Elder Kopp- Washington Yakima

Elder Kreutz- Spain Barcelona

Sister Kreutz- Washington Tacoma

Elder Langlois- Brazil Campinas

Elder Lentz- Spain Malaga

Elder Lindsay- New York Rochester

Elder Love- Tennessee Knoxville

Brother and Sister Ludwig- Africa Southeast Area

Sister Mack- Bolivia Santa Cruz

Elder Miller- Colombia Bogota South

Elder Murray- California Fresno

Elder Nilsson- France Paris

Elder Orme- California Oakland/San Francisco

Elder Petry- Korea Seoul

Sister Pierce- California Carlsbad

Elder Plumb- Florida Jacksonville

Elder Rich- Logan Utah

Elder Robison- California Modesto

Sister Rothey- Washington, Federal Way

Sister Searle- California Los Angeles

Elder Skidmore- Mexico Hermosillo

Elder Stolk- Washington DC North

Elder Stones- Mexico Puebla North

Elder Taylor- Florida Orlando

Elder Tenney- Brazil Porto Alegre South

Elder Tucker- Missouri St. Louis

Sister Wagner- Argentina Rosario

Elder Wall- New York Utica

Elder P. Walton- California San Jose

Elder Wandry- Mississippi Jackson

Elder D. Wandry- New Hampshire Manchester

Elder Weaver- Colombia Bogota North

Elder and Sister Wilde-  Puerto Rico San Juan

Elder Whittier- Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

Elder Wilcox- Argentina Cordoba

Elder Wohlgemuth- Washington Vancouver